Welcome Staff!

This is a private site for the staff volunteers of Sea Turtle Oversight Protection. We are glad you are here!

This job is as challenging as it is rewarding. Here are some words to help keep it all in perspective.

"Remember, just as you cannot fight the darkness, so you cannot fight unconsciousness. If you try to do so, the polar opposites will become strengthened and more deeply entrenched. You will become identified with one of the polarities. You will create an enemy and so be drawn into unconsciousness yourself.

Raise awareness by disseminating information or, at the most, practice passive resistance-but make sure that you carry no resistance within nor hatred or negativity.

Once you get involved in working on the level of effect, it is all to easy to lose yourself in it. Stay alert and very, very present. The causal level needs to remain your primary focus. The teaching of enlightenment your main purpose, and PEACE your most precious gift to the world."

~ Eckhart Tolle - The POWER OF NOW



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